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A Little Inspiration for the month of August 2018:

You are a work in progress. Today, Everyday, do the work, make the progress.

You are on the amazing journey that is part of your life, and the very nature of this journey is to keep going.

When you achieve some success, don't be so smug and satisfied that you stop making any further effort, continue to learn and keep going.

If you encounter disappointment, don't be so dismayed and dejected that you give up. Keep going.

Realize how fortunate it is that you always have more to do, more to learn, and yes more to see. Embrace each opportunity to make a difference, to make new progress, to keep going.

Always there are new wonders to see, new wisdom to be gained, new experiences to unfold. With ever-growing love for the journey and all it brings, keep going. Keep your spirit high, your emotions in check and regardless of what may appear to sway you, Keep Going!


4X Game Type. An abbreviation for explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.
A.P. Gamer. An abbreviation for Analysis Paralyis. Commonly used when overanalysis is used by a player during their turn at an undesirable level. Overthinking.
Alpha Gamer Gamer. A player who attempts to dominate a Cooperative Game. Can also be known as the Guy who collects all games.
Abstract Game Type. In gaming terms, this means the game is without a story or theme. It's not very detailed. It is simple and elegant.
Ameritrash Game Type. American "style" board game. These are games that highly emphasize theme, player to player conflict, and a moderate to higher level of luck. This is in contrast to the term "Eurogame". [Examples include: Axis & Allies, Twilight Emperium, and Merchant of Venus.]
Animeeple Game Bit. A meeple [usually made of wood or plastic] that is in the shape of an animal.
BGG Website. Referring to the popular website BoardGameGeek. http://www.boardgamegeek.com
Bidding Game Game Type. A game that focuses on players bidding on various resources as the main mechanism. Also known as an "Auction Game". [Examples Include: Modern Art, Ra, Scoville]
CCG Game Type. An abbreviation for Collectible Card Game. [Examples Include: Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon]
Civ Builder Game Type. A civilization building game. Games that use the rise and fall of human civilizations as an overarching theme. [Examples Include: 7 Wonders, Innovation, Clash of Cultures]
Co-op Game Type. A Co-Op game is when players work together as a team to defeat the game itself. [Examples include: Pandemic, Police Precinct, Robinson Crusoe]
Deck Builder Game Type. This type of game features a mechanism where players each play from their own small deck of cards. During the course of the game, however, additional cards are added to each player's deck, and used for future rounds. More often than not, these types of games require players to discard their hands at the end of each turn. This forces a high card turnover rate. [Examples Include: Dominion, Puzzle Strike, Thunderstone]
Designer Gamer. The person that creates a game. [Please see http://www.supguild.com for more information]
Dice Builder Game Type. This type of game features a mechanism where players each play from their own set of Dice. During the course of the game, however, additional dice are added to each player's pool, and used for future rounds. More often than not, these types of games require players to discard their dice at the end of each turn. This forces a high die turnover rate. [Examples Include: Marvel Dice Masters, Quarriors, Lord of the Rings Dice Builder]
Dice Tower Game Bit. A structure that is used while rolling dice. There is usually an opening at the top, where a player would drop their dice inside. The dice will bounce around and come out a hole in the bottom. This ensures a completely random dice throw.
Dice Tower Con (DTC) Game Con. A board gaming convention held during the early summer. It is run out of Orlando, Florida. http://www.dicetowercon.com
Dice Tower Network Website. A podcast network [Also known as an audio show] hosted by Tom Vasel. It provides information and opinions of non-mainstream boardgames, featuring news, and all manner related to board and card games.
Dice Tower Podcast Podcast. A podcast [Also known as an audio show] hosted by Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer. It provides detailed reviews of non-mainstream boardgames, featuring news, and all manner related to board and card games.
End-Game Noun. The final part of the game, which usually determines the winner.
Essen Game Con. A Town in Germany. Home of the "Spiel Fest", also known as "Spiel". An annual four day long game trade fair held in October, in Essen, Germany. Many board games are released every year at the fair. Open to consumers, publishers, and designers. Essen usually generates over 150,000 attendees annually.
Eurogame Game Type. Also known as "German Game". These typically have simple rules, short playing times, higher levels of interaction between players, and attractive components. This is in contrast to the term "Ameritrash". [Examples Include: Carcassonne, Agricola, Puerto Rico]
Family Games Game Type. A game that usually includes simple rules, a short playing time, and very high levels of player interaction. These also usually require 3 or more players. [Please see www.flagsociety.com for more information]
Game Mechanic Noun. Rules or methods designed for interaction with the game state. This provides gameplay. All games use mechanics.
Game Pimp Gamer. Player that has customised his game with special parts.
Gen Con Game Con. The longest running gaming convention in the world. Hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana in the middle of summer.
Hex Game Bit. A board game that uses hexagonal shaped tiles. These have six sides.
Hidden Identity Game Type. Used to describe a game in which the players "identities" remain hidden from the other players. [Examples Include: Shadow Hunters, Werewolf, Bang!]
King Maker Gamer. A player, who is currently in a losing position, that has the power to decide the winner of a given game.
LCG Game Type. Abbreviation for "Living Card Game". A Fantasy Flight Games trademark term for "Collectible Card Games". [See also: "CCG"]
Lite Filler Game Game Type. Describes a game with simple rules and a short playing time. Usually played between heavier/longer games.
Meeple Game Bit. A term that started out describing the playing pieces in the game "Carcassonne". It has now spread widely to include nearly any physical pawn or piece of a game. They are usually made of plastic or wood, and are shaped like small people. [See also: Animeeple"]
Miami Dice Podcast. Videos from the Dice Tower Network about Modern Board Games, usually seen on Youtube.
Negotiation Game Type of Game. A game in which the main mechanism includes players trading resources and making deals. [Examples Include: Diplomacy, I'm the Boss!, Panic on Wall Street!]
Noob/Newb Gamer. A person who is new to gaming.
Party Games Game Type. A game that is designed for a larger group of people, and emphasizes social interaction. [Examples Include: Wits and Wagers, Cranium, Telestrations]
Playtester Gamer. A Gamer who helps test new games to make them better, truly needed for a better game.
Print n' Play Game Type. [Abbreviation: PnP] A digital file that contains the components of a board game. You can print these out and play them. Some require additional components to be added.
Prototype Game Type. A home made board game that an individual has created. [Please see www.supguild.com for more information]
Scrub Gamer. One of the most offensive terms you can apply to another gamer. Mainly one who does not try to play the game.
Semi-Co Op game Game Type. Games where You mainly work as a team, but there can be individual win conditions as well. [Examples are Princess Ryan's Star Marines, Dead of Winter, and Shadow Hunters.]
Social Games Game Type. Games where social interaction is the main part of the game. [Examples are Werewolf, Mafia, Avalon]
Spiel From the German word meaning "play, game". [See also: "Essen"]
Spiel Fest Game Con in Germany, may be the world's largest devoted to board games. [See also: "Essen"]
Spiel des Jahres Game Award. From German, means "Game of the Year". 2014: Camel Up, Concept, and Splendor were the top three.
Strategy Noun. The plan that you, as a player, uses during a game for the long haul of the game.
Tactics Noun. The moves that you, as a player, use during a game for short term game. Usually works best when employed as part of your overall strategy.
Thematic Games Game Type. [Also known as "Ameritrash" or "Amerithrash"] Games that emphasize a highly developed theme, with player to player conflict. They usually feature a moderately high level of luck. [Examples Include: Twilight Imperium, Cosmic Encounter, Arkham Horror]
Trick Taking Game Game Type. A card game or tile-based game in which a turn centers in rounds of play, which are each evaluated to determine a winner of that trick. [Examples Inlcude: Spades, Hearts, Rook]
Wargame Game Type. A strategy game that deals with military style operations. The goal is usually annihilation of your opponents and/or the attainment of strategic conditions. These games usually have a high thematic content, and longer play time. [Examples Include: Commands & Colors: Ancients, A House Divided, Diplomacy]
Worker Placement A game mechanic/type of game that involves placing tokens ["workers"] to certain parts of the board, to cards, tiles, etc. The "workers" secure certain actions for the player who placed them. [Examples Include: Keyflower, Manhattan Project, Russian Railroads]
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