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A Little Inspiration for the month of August 2018:

You are a work in progress. Today, Everyday, do the work, make the progress.

You are on the amazing journey that is part of your life, and the very nature of this journey is to keep going.

When you achieve some success, don't be so smug and satisfied that you stop making any further effort, continue to learn and keep going.

If you encounter disappointment, don't be so dismayed and dejected that you give up. Keep going.

Realize how fortunate it is that you always have more to do, more to learn, and yes more to see. Embrace each opportunity to make a difference, to make new progress, to keep going.

Always there are new wonders to see, new wisdom to be gained, new experiences to unfold. With ever-growing love for the journey and all it brings, keep going. Keep your spirit high, your emotions in check and regardless of what may appear to sway you, Keep Going!


We are a group of gamers who live in the Central Florida area. We play virtually any board game, whether it is a Historical, Fantasy, Party, Euro, or Sci-Fi as long as it's fun.

We created this site to help facilitate more people board gaming. We are helping make podcasts, and videos and many other things for the community, but if you see something missing, then please let us know. If you have something cool to contribute to the site, please let us know.

Who We Are:

For our Audio Podcasts:
Allen Enyart - Gamer, Runs Special Events at the Dice Tower Convention, Loves Dungeon Crawls, the Cleveland Browns, and lighter games.
Molly Goltry - Gamer, Co-Runs the Library, and Registration at the Dice Tower Convention, Likes beating people in games, Unicorns, and Hates Haters.
Robert Geistlinger - Gamer, Vegetarian, Video Reviewer, and Editor, Likes Heavy Euros, hates light euros, and Mayonaise.
Patrick Havert - Gamer, Runs the Dice Tower Con, QSF Games, loves fun games, the Dallas Cowboys, and hates long boring games, and everyone else in the NFC East.

For our Videos:
Anaisita Freeman - Gamer, Artist, Heckler, loves social games, cool art, and Nuclear Fission. She hates games she cant attack other players in, and Communists.
Rob Yates - Gamer, Game Designer, loves thinky games, sci fi TV, and Nuclear Fusion. He hates games with no theme, and Fascists.
Patrick Havert - Gamer, Runs the Dice Tower Con, QSF Games, loves fun games, the Dallas Cowboys, and hates long boring games, and every other team in the NFC East.

If you have any questions, please e-mail info@boardgaming.info

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